The Art of Community

Art Reception at North Berkeley Wealth Management

Different Eyes

Art has two amazing qualities. First, no matter what the medium, content or style, art helps us visualize the world in new ways. Every piece of art or collection of works is viewed differently, making viewing art both an intensely communal and personal activity. Our responses to and understanding of a painting or sculpture are as varied as a spectrum of colors, and each viewpoint is valid and unique. It doesn’t matter if we see the same thing in an abstract landscape or feel the same emotion when viewing a portrait; we can share an experience together and differently. Each artist who has shown with us brought a different perspective, and each, through their exploration of our world, reminds us that we can see the world thru different eyes and still be drawn closer together.

A selection of work from past artists

Alive with Connection

The pandemic dramatically altered the way we see art together, with most artists and galleries moving to digital exhibitions. The pandemic’s hold on our proximity to one another is loosening. At North Berkeley, we anticipate and envision art exhibits and receptions returning in the fall when we will once again welcome local artists to display in our space, celebrate them with food, wine, and conversation, and invite our community to share in the experience. Our vision is a community alive with connection and stewardship. Art sparks that connection, and we’re happy to facilitate it.



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